Two Black Cats

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Garden jobs.

It was a very wet morning - but R and I went to a garden centre where we purchased 6 small herb plants for an empty planter, and some seeds - red basil, F1 round courgettes, and radishes.

Back home the sun came out mid afternoon so R planted up his herbs and I sowed the basil, courgettes, radishes, beetroot, lemon coriander and catmint.

I also potted on the 20 pelargoniums and assorted bedding plants, and potted on the courgette seedlings planted in March. (memo to self - don't plant courgettes in modules - they outgrow them too quickly!). The bedding plants, courgettes and broad beans are now in the outdoor mini-greenhouse to harden off, and to make room indoors for the new seeds.

Of course Vel and Arty (plus Patch) had to help! I think that Patch's owners must be on holiday as he has been here almost continuously since last Friday. I'm sure someone feeds him but he really seems to need our company.


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