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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sunday garden progress.

At last a dry day! After England had successfully won the cricket, I did some general pottering in the garden. I transplanted all the small herb seedlings into two planters (chervil, lemon coriander, dill, ordinary coriander and parsley), transplanted some lettuce and sorrel seedlings into the veg bed, planted out 4 sunflowers (3 about 18inches tall, one a bit weedy), and the last few morning glory plants (rather weedy too).

I'm having a losing battle with the snails and courgettes - I've now lost 6 plants! I've got 3 left in pots which I am trying to grow as big as possible before planting them out! So I also re-sowed another 6 courgette seeds, and 3 butternut squash (following zero germination) earlier.

I sowed the final growbag with assorted lettuce, plus a row of radishes and beetroot, and then covered them with the plastic cloche lids. A bit of an experiment really. Pics will have to wait as it then decided to rain!


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All kitties are invited to mine purthday party next month!!! Puhlease let us know if you will come!!

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