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Monday, March 20, 2006

Monday and the rest of the week

I like Mondays. I know I am lucky in a lot of ways because I do not have to go to an office or school on Mondays. But I have a regular Monday routine - drop K at school and go straight to Tescos - recycling and shopping. It is quiet and I can go round relatively stress-free.

Today I felt full of energy, so got home, loaded washing maching, unloaded and re-loaded dishwasher, sat down with all my packets of seeds in front of the cricket, and decided which I would definately plant, which I would probably plant, the no-hopers (mainly free with gardening magazines), and a list of which I need to buy. I then found an empty shoe box and arranged them neatly.

The weather is still cold and grey, but I ventured into the garden and collected seed trays, lids and pots from the garage, and washed them all in hot soapy water. (I know I should have done that in Autumn!) Of course both cats helped, and also tried hiding in the dark garage, even though they should remember that they don't actually like getting shut in. (Photos to follow)

The rest of the day wasn't quite so active - but like the rest of this week revolved around K and her opera practice. She is taking part in a joint production of Gilbert and Sullivan's Princess Ida (joint with the boy's grammar school). This afternoon was the technical rehearsal, quick dash home, and back for an evening Dress rehearsal. Lots of taxi-service. More later.....


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