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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about me and my CatsThursday Thirteen

1…. The cats are proving more photogenic than I believed. A bit of sun will help as well.
2. I must stop moaning about the weather - it will be nicer soon.
3. My cats are fussy eaters. I try not to spoil them, and I certainly don't overfeed them. I should try to be more disciplined.
4. I like a tidy house, but I am not very good at tidying.
5. Since I gave up full-time work nearly a year ago, I keep promising myself that I will find a domestic routine. But I haven't yet. I actually enjoy working on my maths so much that other things get squashed in, and I still find myself washing and ironning at the weekends.
6. I really enjoy taking K riding on Saturday, even when the weather is cold or wet. It's lovely to be outside for an hour with nothing to do, and to watch her enjoy herself.
7. I really want to learn more about HTML to improve the layout of this blog.
8. I probably spend too much of my time doing quizzes, sudoku's and reading blogs. But I don't really care.
9. I am basically a very happy person.
10. I am really quite a selfish person, but I care dearly for those close to me.
11. I listen to Radio 4 most of the time, but I listen to Classic FM when I am studying as it doesn't distract me.
12. I rarely listen to any other music - not that I don't like music, I just rarely choose to.
13. I thought it would be difficult to write this list, but it hasn't been!!

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