Two Black Cats

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Cat Flap Crisis

Velvet and Arty have a cat flap. We live in a quiet area, surrounded by large gardens, so they have almost unrestricted access to the outside.

The cat flap is one of the clever magnetic ones, so only my cats (who wear magnets on their collars) can get in.

This morning we had a cat flap crisis! It was pouring with rain and Vel was howling in the kitchen to go out. I investigated and found Arty on the outside trying to get in, and therefore stopping Vel from getting out. The catflap wasn't working! I let Arty in (dripping) and Vel out.

So I spent 10 minutes in the rain with a spare magnetic trying to work out what was the problem. I cleaned it all and dismantled it, and eventually realised the battery had worn out. Change of battery and it was back to full working order.

However Velvet didn't trust it anymore and it smelled TOO CLEAN. Hence the sniffing and 'angry' ears in this pic.


Blogger CFO Mom said...

That picture of Velvet inspecting the cat flap is great. God knows you must NOT clean, move or otherwise change anything, lest you disturb the cat. LOL

4:31 pm  

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