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Thursday, April 27, 2006


A busy couple of days. On Tuesday afternoon the sun came out and I spent about 3/4 hour weeding the front garden. It looks much nicer now. See pic below.

Wednesday was K's birthday - she seemed to like all her presents - especially the score for The Mikado which is going to be her school's Opera production next year. She went out in the evening with a group of friends to see a local production of Yeoman of the Guard - so a very musical birthday.

I got out into the back garden on Wed afternoon and managed to do some jobs from my list. I potted on about 12 tomato plants (still about 6 in reserve), and planted out the broad beans (about 12), 2 pea plants, all the rocket and pak choi seedlings, and planted some more peas in the ground.

I also planted the lupin and achillea behind the pond for some height and colour. Most of the remaining seedlings are now in the outdoor mini-greenhouse to harden off.

Today I've had some good news with an offer of 5 days invigilation later in the year for the Institute of Chartered Accountants for Scotland, and I managed to read a whole maths unit and do the assessment question (which is usually about 5 days work). And it is really sunny today which makes a lot of difference.


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