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Monday, June 12, 2006

Marking progress

Apologies for very light blogging recently. I went to London last Tuesday for the A Level maths standardisation meeting, and so I was due to start A Level marking on Wednesday.

However on the same day I received another 200 SATS papers with a final deadline of 14th June! Consequently they have taken priority over everything else - so no gardening or even lounging in the sun!

All the SATS marking is finished - I need to complete the final admin tomorrow and then get on with the A level!


Blogger whaleshaman said...

i like your blog -- gardening and cats, a great combo.

your radishes reminded me that i wanted to tell you that there are some great cooked radish recipes here, the first food blog [very beautiful] i ever saw:

Cooked radishes

thanks for your nice comment, many weeks back, for my cat.

take care

7:59 pm  
Blogger Fat Eric said...

I feel for you with the marking, I am up to my ears in writing end-of-year reports for my class - my least favourite part of the job!

The garden is looking good. Our water lillies have got a few buds but none are open yet. Torrential rain here this afternoon but at least it's cooled down a bit. Poor Fat Eric has been boiling in his fluffy coat for the last few days.

FE's mum

11:48 pm  

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