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Saturday, July 01, 2006

I plead guilty - blogging has been light.

Sorry folks - I have been very remiss with my blogging for the last few weeks. Just loyal Cat Blogging on Fridays. The reasons? Mainly my marking - just as SATS finished the A Level started and is about to finish. Also my daughter K is at home, as she has finished her exams. I am really enjoying having her around - but it takes up my time and computer time (whilst she chats on MSN and role-plays).

The garden has also taken 2nd or even 3rd place. Although most veggies are doing fine. Exceptions are - onions/garlic need weeding. Lots of rogue borage in the toms/courgettes. I find it difficult to 'weed' these because they are so pretty. I've finally planted the last few courgettes and tomatoes and the last minute purchase of sweetcorn.

In the flower areas - the plus points are the roses, and a few little climbers. But I still haven't planted the front tubs or the baskets - so lots of rather sad annuals still on the patio. (memo to self - do these before the marking next year).

Tonight is a big night for K - her end of year 11 school Prom. She looked lovely when she went - and I hope she has a really good time - with pics maybe?

I also apologise to my fellow bloggers - I have been remiss at reading your blogs - and even worse at making comments - sorry!

Mean time here are a few garden pics:


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