Two Black Cats

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


We have been tagged by Fat Eric - so here goes:

5 weird things about us:

  1. Velvet loves human food - he comes running whenever the fridge door is opened. Arty will only eat catfood! Neither will eat cat treats.

  2. Neither Velvet or Arty will drink water from a bowl - maybe a dripping tap - maybe the toilet (yuk) but usually the pond in the garden.

  3. Velvet distrusts the catflap. Somedays he has to open it with his paw many, many times just to check it still works.

  4. Velvet loves to lie on top of me with his head on my shoulder. The only trouble is he then tries to bite my chin!

  5. Velvet and Arty are 'trained' to come when I click by tongue and call 'kittens'. This may seem odd as they are fully grown cats - but means I get both to come running.

5 weird things about me

  1. I prefer maths to housework. But actually I prefer most things to housework, so maybe that isn't totally weird.

  2. I like cold chinese or indian food.

  3. I rarely listen to music. Occasionally Classic FM radio (as background sound) or Beautiful South. I listen to BBC Radio 4 a lot.

  4. On the music theme - I hate any music first thing in the morning. I mean really hate it!

  5. I don't like shopping and neither does my daughter, K.

I'm not sure if those are weird or not - let me know!

Sorry that blogging has been light

We spent last week in Seahouses in Northumberland. Rather mixed weather - but a nice relaxing time. I've posted a few photos. I hope that I can return to regular blogging soon. The garden is looking a little untidy but plenty of vegetables to pick. The cats are fine - they are really pleased to see us!

Torrential rain on Thurssday led to some interesting scenes outside our window. Posted by Picasa

The view from our flat in Seahouses Posted by Picasa

Seals on the Farne islands Posted by Picasa

Kittiwakes on Inner Farne Posted by Picasa

Inner Farne Posted by Picasa

Longstone Lighthouse in the Farne Islands Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Weekend Catblogging - a new silver tabby kitten

Does my coat look good on this rug? Posted by Picasa

Ah - much better - a cream rug and a toy mouse! Posted by Picasa

This is Hermes.

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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Outings this week.

This is a rather poor quality picture of Patrick Stewart who we saw in The Tempest at Stratford (Royal Shakespeare Company). An excellent production.

We also went to the cinema and saw Stormbreaker - which was great fun. A PG rating so lots of action but no blood or swearing.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Meet Hermes!

Here is Hermes. He is the new kitten who belongs to P, K's dad. He has a Silver Tabby mom, and a British Blue dad - hence the lovely colouring. He is settling into his new home really well - and I am sure he will feature a lot on my blog in the future.

What fun Posted by Picasa

Upside down kitty! Posted by Picasa

Bookcases are for climbing! Posted by Picasa

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