Two Black Cats

Friday, March 31, 2006


Check out the Friday Ark at The Modulator. This week’s Carnival of the Cats will be up at Pets Garden Blog.

Velvet - what a handsome cat I am in the sun! (even without a tail) Posted by Picasa

Friday Catblogging in the garden - Arty shows how a green backdrop with sun, works so well for a black fluffy cat. Posted by Picasa

My first seedlings are through. These are rocket, but the sorrel and little gem lettuce have also germinated.  Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Velvet with his favourite table leg "scratching post". Posted by Picasa

Velvet has spotted the camera and wants to play. Posted by Picasa

I love mediteranean roasted vegetables. After a winter of comforting root veg, it's a really nice change. (The dish looks a bit tatty though) Posted by Picasa

All food needs to be investigated by Velvet - even the remains of a chocolate muffin! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Home made paper plant pots

The link shows how to make the paper plant pots which I pictured earlier.

If you use The Times or a similar sized newspaper just omit the first step. Like all 'origami-type' projects the sharper the creases the more successful shape.

Good news.

In the last week I've had several pieces of good news. I have received 2 separate contracts for exam marking - Year 9 SATS in May, and A Level Statistics in June. I enjoyed both last year, although they are totally different experiences.

Also I applied for a position as an invigilator for the Chartered Accountants exams about 2 months ago. Its a maximum of 17 days per year (yes, per year), but is quite lucrative. Instead of an interview or job offer I received a letter inviting me to the invigilator's meeting on Thursday! I expect I'll get more info then.

And finally, I passed the Science short course on Climate Modelling which I did over the winter. Its fascinating stuff. You can see all the details here : Climate Modelling Experiment

Velvet is guarding the plant labels! Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 27, 2006

A list of all seeds sown so far....

Seeds Sown 24th - 26th March 2006


Beetroot Boltardy
Broadbean Express
Butternut Squash
Chilli Pepper
Chinese Pak Choi
Courgette Round Green
Courgette F1 Orellia Yellow
Courgette Jaguar
Lettuce Little Gem
Lettuce Salad Bowl
Pea Hurst
Spring Onion White Lisbon
Sweetcorn Early Xtra F1
Swiss Chard Bright Lights
Tomato Tumbling Tom Yellow
Tomato Alicante
Tomato Garden Pearl

Parsley Flat Leaf

Canary Creeper
Canna Lucifer
Canna Louis Cotton
Ipomoea (morning glory) Blue
Ipomoea (morning glory) Red
Mixed Simplicity (behind the pond where its difficult to weed or plant)
Sunflower Titan

I know it looks like a lot, but they are all in small quantities

No more sunspots today - but velvet likes to watch the raindrops! Posted by Picasa

The current state of the conservatory! Posted by Picasa

12 geraniums and 24 gazania plug plants 'pricked-out' into individual cells. Posted by Picasa

Broad beans in homemade paper pots. Posted by Picasa

A nice Mother's day present - a white kalanchoe in a lovely jug. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Arty squeezes in beside the box of seeds! Posted by Picasa

Velvet is extra-comfy on the sheepskin rug on top of the fleece, on top of the chair! Posted by Picasa

Friday gardening.

A busy day in the garden and conservatory. The weather was much milder with patchy showers so I planted the Hellebore and lupins. I have made some plastic rings to put around the lupins from a drinks bottle, to protect from slugs, and used the base as a beer trap.

In the conservatory I planted a variety of seeds - red and yellow tomatoes, 3 types of courgettes, parsley, coriander, basil, 3 types of lettuce, peas and sunflowers. I then ran out of labels!

Also pictured are some mini-plants bought today. Pelargoniums and other bedding plants which I will pot on next week.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Friday catblogging - part 2!

This week, as every week, the Friday Ark will board any animal that shows up… but cats are always on top! On Sunday, the Carnival of the Cats will be at Scribblings.

Thursday Update

Yesterday was incredibly busy. R was working from home, and after a cold start the sun started to shine. We took the opportunity to start the brick edging to the veg plot, and although it's not perfect it will make a practical and aesthetic difference.

The cats, of course, joined in. Lots of exhuberance, but as always it ended in a play-fight!

I also dug up a small part of out rhubarb plant for my mum. We inherited the rhubarb when we moved in 10 years ago - and its probably the only plant we've kept! (the garden was sooooo boring and empty).

In the evening we went to see daughter, K, in her school's production of G&S's Princess Ida. Its a joint production with the local boy's school, and put on at the Town Hall over 5 nights. Absolutely amazing! All the cast and orchestra were so polished and tremendously enthusiastic. I laughed a lot, and had to restrain myself from joining in the choruses that K has been practising since November.

Friday catblogging

Velvet is enjoying a rare bit of March sunshine, and 'guarding' my bulbs and primulas!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Any minute now I am going to wave my tail in your face! (and he did, and it ended in tears!) Posted by Picasa

Somehow, lying on a plastic carrier bag intensifies the sun spots. Posted by Picasa

Ah!! Sun-spots at last. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bookends!! Posted by Picasa

All ready to be planted Posted by Picasa

Here are the photos from yesterday's tidying and preparation. An organised box of seeds and prepared seed trays. Posted by Picasa